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Stratford, CT and Surrounding Areas


Chiropractic Care in Stratford, CT

The chiropractic care we offer at Back To Health Chiropractic of Stratford is based upon the theory that many health issues arise as the result of spinal misalignment. Our practitioners in Stratford treat neuromuscular conditions such as chronic back pain by manually adjusting the spine and other joints. We'll use sophisticated diagnostic technology in the effort to pinpoint the precise source of your symptoms, and our treatment rooms are designed to be tranquil, stress-free environments where you can relax.

We've been providing chiropractic care since 2006, and our practitioners meet all state requirements for chiropractic licensure. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the treatments we recommend.

Addressing the Root of Your Symptoms

Back To Health Chiropractic of Stratford offers acupuncture and physical therapy in addition to chiropractic care. We want to help our patients in Stratford, CT, and surrounding areas move toward true wellness. We make our services accessible through flexible payment plans and office hours that include early evening appointment times. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.